Packing Materials

We provide packing materials and packing service from small to large to unique that offers protection for your fine furniture and fragile items. To ensure professional handling we have trained crews that will safely move even your most prized possessions.

For the current prices of our packing materials please contact Please, list the names and amounts of the desired materials.


To view the details relating to a specific packing material, simply click on it to view more. Included are: Dimensions, volume and suggested uses.

Book Carton

1.5 Cubic Feet
(12" high, 18" long, 13" wide)
Perfect for books, picture albums, dried flowers, tapes, records.

Legal File/Tote

2.3 Cubic Feet
(15" high, 22" long, 12" wide)
Double walled carton with handles, no taping required, made specifically for legal size files.

Medum Carton

3.0 Cubic Feet
(18" high, 18" long, 16" wide)
Perfect for pots, pans, dry food, lamp shades.

Large Carton

4.5 Cubic Feet
(18" high, 18" long, 24" wide)
Perfect for larger items.

6.0 Cubic Feet
(24" high, 24" long, 18" wide)
Perfect for linens, toys, pots, pans, lamp shades.

China Barrels

5.6 Cubic Feet
(24" high, 18" long, 18" wide)
Perfect for glassware, china, crystal, fragile items.

Lamp Carton

4.0 Cubic Feet
(48" high, 12" long, 12" wide)
Perfect for large table lamps, blue print rolls.

Wardrobe Carton

48" high, 20" long, 18" wide)
Perfect for hanging clothes.
Available for rent or sale.

Utility Carton

8.5 Cubic Feet
(60" high, 14" long, 14" wide)
Perfect for yard tools, pool sticks, floor lamps.
Required for storage or long distance moves.

Picture/Mirror Carton

(12" high, 24" long, 2" wide)
Can be purchased alone or with paper pads.

2pc Telescoping Carton (Gun Box)

(10" high, 10" wide, 50" long)
Extends to 90".
Perfect for rifles, skis, fishing poles, curtain rods.

Bike/Luggage Carton

(58.5" high, 34" long, 14" wide)
Triple walled.

Bike/Luggage Carton

(72" high, 43.5" long, 18.5" wide)
Triple walled.

Grandfather Clock Carton

(88" high, 16" long, 25" wide)
Triple walled.

Appliance Carton

(12" high, 24" long, 18.25" wide)
Triple walled carton for VCRs, receivers, turntables, etc.

Microwave/Portable Television Carton

(24" high, 17" long, 24" wide)
Triple walled.


25 pounds
Plain newsprint.

Paper Pads

48"x72" each pad
3 layer with padded center.


55 yards per roll

Styrofoam Peanuts

Used for delicate figurines or china.
(price varies according to quantity)

Bubble Pack

Protection of fine art and decorative items. Sold in rolls to customer's specific requirements.


Per 1,000 count
9 colors available

Mattress Carton

Single, Double, Queen, King
Charge provides for mattress and box spring.
Required for storage and long distance moves.