Hello, and welcome back to our blog here at Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage. This is part two of our blog series about staying organized during a move. If you’ve done a corporate move before, you may feel a bit more comfortable about the procedure. However, if you’ve never done one, you might be a little overwhelmed and stressed. Keep reading to learn more.

Do a walkthrough

Performing a thorough walkthrough of your current office is a great way to get organized before the movers arrive. Bring a piece of paper and a pen so you can make note of anything that needs to get done before the move. You should also take note of things that you need to get rid of or donate either before or during the move. Many corporate movers will actually take anything that you don’t use anymore and find a place to donate it after your move is complete. If you don’t want to spend the time to find a place to dispose of these things, this will be a great option for you.

Make a binder

One simple way to organize all the paperwork for your move is to make a binder or file to hold it all. This should include any scheduling information, information about your mover; the notes you took during your walkthrough; and any contact or employee information that you may need.

Make a budget

Staying organized doesn’t just involve making the moving process easier, it also means relieving you of a lot of stress after the move. Although a big moving project will definitely set you back several thousand dollars, all things considered, There is a lot you can do to cut costs and prevent your company from encountering any financial difficulties after the fact. Making a budget early on is a great way to keep yourself in check throughout the whole process, making sure you don’t overspend. Since many companies spend more after a move, it may be helpful to account for to account for these expenditures in your budget.

Change your address

One thing many business owners forget to do is to change their address on their website, business cards, or anywhere else their office address is listed. Although this shouldn’t be done until you move into your new location, you should plan for it by making a checklist. This way, when you move in, you won’t miss anything and your clients won’t be confused about your office location. You should also contact the post office and the bank to change your address with them.

Contact your moving company

One of the best ways to to stay organized is to keep your moving company up to date. If you’re working with a reputable commercial moving company like Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage, we will make this process as easy as possible and always be there for you if you have any questions. Contact us today to learn more.