Moving is one of those things that you can’t really know how difficult it will be until you actually start doing it. Even small apartments can pose a major challenge if you’re not prepared or have a good team of movers working with you. But aside from the sheer amount of things you’ll need to move, there are also several items that are notoriously difficult to move. In this blog, we’re going to take a look at some of these and provide you with some helpful tips.


Small appliances like toasters, toaster ovens, or microwaves shouldn’t be too difficult. It’s appliances like washers and dryers that pose a problem. Not only are these very heavy but they’re not likely going to fit into your car and even if you can fit them into a large truck, there’s a chance they’ll get damaged. You’ll almost certainly need a moving company for things like this.


For many people, just the thought of removing their valuables from their home sends shivers down their spine. This includes things like antique furniture, paintings, or other decorations found throughout the home. Although you can most likely cover these items with accident insurance, not all insurance companies will cover them when they’ve been dropped during a move.


Another thing that’s notoriously difficult to move is furniture, especially furniture that’s heavy, difficult to hold, or that won’t fit through the door you need it to. If you’re faced with moving something like a couch or futon, you’re not going to have much luck attempting this by yourself. It’s best to hire a professional moving company to help.


If you’re lucky enough to have a digital piano or keyboard, you won’t have to deal with the struggle of moving an acoustic piano. Oftentimes, large grand pianos need to be disassembled or doors on the house need to be removed just to get them out the door. Of course, moving a piano will require more than one person, preferably three or four to be safe.


Not only is moving glass nerve-racking, but it can be dangerous too. If you have any large mirrors or glass that you need to move, it’s best to have them professionally packed and placed in a moving truck. This will ensure they make it to their destination unscathed and that they don’t damage any of your other belongings that you’re moving.

Contact Your Local Movers

Ultimately, the best way to ensure that all of your belongings make it to their destination in one piece is to contact your local moving company. Here at Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage, Inc., we are experts at moving those unusual and sometimes overwhelming things found in your home. We’ll take care to ensure that all your valuable items are packaged correctly and are safe and secure in the truck before driving to your destination. Our moving company has 50 years and four generations worth of experience. Give us a call today.