How can I set up a free estimate?

When you contact Moyer & Sons (either by calling the office at 301-869-3896 or our websites “free estimate” link) we will arrange a time for one of our Moving Consultants to visit your home or office in person or virtually. We will view the space, as well as furniture, furnishings, and everything else that needs to be moved. Moyer & Sons will get all the details of your relocation and go over any other services you might need. With Moyer & Sons this consultation is absolutely free.

Are your movers professionals?

Absolutely! Our moving crews are trained with the current moving techniques and know the most efficient ways to correctly pack, load and move household furnishings and office equipment. Moyer & Sons employees are also background checked and drug tested, so you know you have the best people handling your personal items.

Do you own your trucks?

Yes. Moyer & Sons takes such pride in our trucks that we adorn them with the amazing Moyer Blue color scheme. From the cargo vans all the way up to the tractor trailers, we take pride in our trucks.

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    What happens if our moving date changes?

    We know that things can change very quickly with a move. We do our best to accommodate your new dates.

    How do you protect my belongings and home?

    We pad your furniture with a durable stretch wrap that provides protection and allows upholstery to breathe. Additionally, we will pad flooring, doors and doorknobs, banisters, carpeting and woodwork, protecting your home and belongings against bumps and bangs.

    Are my belongings covered by my insurance?

    Before any move please check with your agent or homeowners’ insurance policy. Moyer & Sons does have additional valuation packages available. Please contact us at 301-869-3896 or your Moving Consultant with any questions.

    Where can my possessions be stored?

    If your move is within the Washington D.C. or Baltimore areas, items can be stored at one of our facilities in Clarksburg or Elkridge, Maryland. Our total storage capability includes more than 45,000 square feet of secure storage space. If your move is outside the area, we’ll work with our network of storage facilities to help find a facility that suits your needs.

    We have furniture or equipment that’s no longer needed. Can you help us dispose of them?

    We work with numerous community organizations to find a home for unwanted home furniture.

    What are the Moyer & Sons Terms & Conditions.

    If you have any further questions please call Moyer & Sons Moving & Storage at 301-869-3869.